Tropico 6 Trailer Highlights New Infrastructure, Archipelagos
Tropico 6

Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment rolled out a brand new minute and a half long trailer for Tropico 6 focusing on the game’s gameplay mechanics. The despot-themed strategy title was originally unveiled last year during E3, but over the course of the past year there hasn’t been a whole lot of promotion of the game up until now.

The new trailer gives you an idea of how to shape and mold your very own nation, turning it into the next America, the next Cuba, or the next Venezuela.

You can check out the minute and a half trailer below.

The conga-themed music accompanies a quick scroll through of some of the new features, including all new buildings and infrastructure, as well as brand new landmarks that can be used to lure in tourists or raise the value of your budding nation.

Tropico 6 will take place across a tropically themed archipelagos, with glistening hues of blue waters calmly caressing the borders of your nation while more nefarious things take place therein, such as missile programs, totalitarianism, and the opportunity to build up your very own customized palace.

In addition to this they’ve also opened up the election speeches so you can put your suave commandant in front of the people on a podium so he can pontificate proudly and with jingoistic prejudice.

Tropico 6 - City

Some of the commenters on the YouTube page weren’t too thrilled with the trailer because they felt it lacked a display of new features outside of the archipelagos. Kalypso hopped down into the comment thread to point out that there are actually quite a few new features and upgrades that all intertwine so you can maximize the synergy of your socialist or free-wheeling society, stating…

“Archipelagos with different resources which open up several strategic gameplay options, new infrastructure options like bridges, tunnels, buses and aerial cable cars, the new raid feature with several options (getting additional technologies, resources, manipulating trade prices and changing diplomacy ratings and raiding world wonders; including socialized raids for multiplayer mode). The World Wonders you will be able to steal with the new raid feature in turn have an impact on the gameplay. There will be new characters such as The Broker (overall there will be 9 factions and 10 superpowers through the eras), customization options for the palace, about 150 buildings, more visual diversity with variations for several types of buildings, a revised research system, the return of the election speeches,….

That’s more detail than what you’ll find on the Steam store page.

Nevertheless, you can look for Tropico 6 to launch this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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