Undead Labs Confirms That State Of Decay 2 Will Not Sport Microtransactions

Do you fancy State of Decay 2? If so, there’s news for you in that Undead Labs, the developers behind said title, will not add any microtransactions or loot-boxes to the upcoming PC and Xbox One game.

Publisher Microsoft Studios and developer Undead Labs are gearing up to release the brain and flesh devouring game, State of Decay 2, for public consumption come May 22nd.

During the wait time, gamers who eagerly anticipate the forthcoming title will find that MTX features will not be reflected in State of Decay 2. The disclosure of this information comes from a dev of the zombie survival game, which publication site cogconnected.com picked up and relayed:

“The official livestream saw Undead Labs answer some burning questions from the fans. With the microtransaction debacle still very much alive and kicking, the developers stated there are no plans to add any kind of microtransactions to State of Decay 2 right now.”

If you are concerned about post-launch MTX, no word from the dev team has surfaced as of this writing. What is known, though, is that there will be DLC that you’ll have to pay for, if you want to explore different expansions.

In case you don’t know, the very thing that raised suspicions of State of Decay 2 to feature some sort of MTX or loot-box mechanic comes in the form of its $29.99 price point, which is quite low. Some gamers thought that due to the low price of entry that they would compensate with microtransactions.

The reason behind the low price tag is that both Undead Labs and Microsoft want to create an entryway to get as many players interested in the game as early as possible. The two believe they will be able to make back revenue through its low price and expansions, however time will surely tell how the publisher and developers’ plan will go.

State of Decay 2 is set to feature cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC, and will debut for $29.99 on May 22nd.


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