Uwe Boll Threatens Lawsuit Against Rampage Movie, Takes Shots At Trump, Flat-Earthers
Rampage Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Rampage movie, which is based on the old arcade games and N64 titles, has come under fire from German director Uwe Boll. Why? Because Boll made a trilogy of not-terrible-movies called Rampage, which have nothing whatsoever to do with Acclaim’s arcade series.

Blues posted up quotes from Uwe Boll – the director who became infamous for making awful video game mvoies – who spent some segments of the press release ranting about President Donald Trump and those who support the flat-Earth theory. Boll threatens legal action but not before taking shots at POTUS, Transformers and America’s upper echelon-controlled corporatocracy…

“We are living now in a world where Independent Movies are dead and the big players only are making all the money. That they then use developed brands and ideas from established series such as my Rampage films in order to make even more money is unfair but typical. The new RAMPAGE movie will shrink my brand and my revenues I can make in the future with my RAMPAGE movies. It also confuses the audience! I want that WARNERS change the title, especially because the new movie has nothing to do with a RAMPAGE and looks more like Jumanji 2 and is one of those typical feelgood, popcorn bullshit movies that the studios use to brainwash America even more! All these kind of movies including Transformers, Avengers are helping the military industrial complex in America to win and have retards like Trump be American President who would say that the earth is flat as soon they think they can benefit from this!”

He’s not wrong that Rampage looks like The Rock’s other agenda-fueled, blockbuster, tent-pole Hollywood flick, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. In fact, almost all of The Rock’s movies are entirely interchangeable these days, but so long as he’s making the pederast-ran Hollywood money-milking machine and pushing the Leftist agenda through his movies, he’ll likely keep getting roles in cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste blockbuster jobs designed to appeal to the sort of people who (wrongly) pay to support Transformers films in theaters.

To his credit, though, the Rampage films weren’t just about gun massacres. The first film was intense and well shot. It even had some heart-racing segments.

The second film was a major letdown, but Boll did take the opportunity to trash the Globalists in an interesting segment.

The films sadly got worse with each new iteration, but now most people won’t even be able to find them with simple Google searches because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hollywood schlock is going to fill up all of the search results. In fact, if you go to YouTube right now and search up “Rampage” you’re going to be greeted with a bunch of listings for the new film and not Boll’s trilogy of flicks.

It’s doubtful that Boll will actually sue Warner Bros., given that his cash flow likely just doesn’t afford for such a measure. In fact, Uwe Boll attempted to crowdfund his latest project and it didn’t quite turn out so well, resulting in him “quitting” the business back in 2015, as reported by Consequence of Sound.

At the very least, Boll’s threats toward The Rock-led blockbuster from Warner Bros., will possibly put a few eyes on his near-decade-old flick and maybe even get a few people to pick up some DVD copies to support the original Rampage, which actually is well worth a watch.


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