Where’s Lamplight City? Booth PL4024, Moscone North, GDC Play

Lamplight City

When I interacted with Francisco González last summer, Lamplight City was at most a regular weekend-find on my map.

With the premise of a dead partner woven into the seams of alternate-history detective saga, the man was on the hunt for a publisher. By December Application Systems Heidelberg had picked up the reins granting the game a Steam spot and continued progress for González.

This has very meticulously entailed now-finished New Bretagne backdrops, placeholder-eliminating character assets with more-than-sufficient facial hair and a booth at GDC Play this week.

If reasons to explore Lamplight City beside the complementary post cards are what you’re looking for –

America is Vespuccia and New York? New Bretagne

A commonwealth of 8 states that although González claims allows for narrative flexibility, has his love for New Orleans and a pedigree of period drama narratives backing its design. Of course, with added contemplation of the social ills incurred by a steam-driven era.

He’s notably handled a prohibition-era Florida, paranormal renditions of the Everglades, California, Scotland, Japan, Greece, Rome and even post-apocalyptic Aristocracy with great interest.

Your Partner is Dead

Bang at the start of the game. Besides him playing possible-narrator to brooding Miles Fordham, this also means there’s no forcing how the latter conducts his crime-solving business.

Sure Lamplight City has up to five standalone cases with individual repercussions. But thanks to multiple endings and a core overarching plot it doesn’t matter if you play good cop, bad cop or horrible cop.

Players may abandon/fare badly on either, Lamplight City lets Fordham bear the consequences and the plot thickens.

The Interface is Single-Click

Point n’ Click often suggests daunting visions of an uninviting inventory system but a half-deluded Fordham really has no time for any of that. Pick up items, view them, use them but only in context; need to pick a lock for instance?

Find the tool and get it over with minus the junk management.

All very simple yet bundled into an enticing cop-drama that González intends to have out in a couple of months. Wishing I was trying it alongside Blazing Legion: Ignition and Dead Static Drive at San Francisco this week.

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