Where’s Morten? Apparently Halfway Around the World, Reveals Pathway

Suffer to let me ramble long enough and you’ll notice a recurring pattern; I have a strong affinity for 8-bit/16-bit styled pixel art graphics.

More so if they’re enhanced with unprecedented depth, lighting and shadows using Pixel/Voxel Hybrid Technology like Robotality says it has with Pathway. Never mind what all that implies, I’m not sure either, but watch.

Pretty, yes? Those who prefer to relate to the I don’t care about the graphics but the gameplay remark that’s already graced the game’s Steam page, might more so be concerned with what else is on offer with the German studio’s next.

Pathway falls bang in the heart of the 1930s. Gradually inching towards a second Great War, the German power seems peculiarly interested with digging up half of Europe and the Middle East in an occult-like frenzy.

If dealing in rare artifacts isn’t incentive enough, when a fellow-trooper exploring the murmurs by himself disappears, it’s time to put together a rag-tag crew and set out halfway across a procedurally generated map to open up tombs, temples and deserts.

In what follows then the choices are said to be tough, the ambience Lucasfilm-inspired as the keen are wont to notice and the combat predominantly turn-based. Ah, and herein lies the concern I’ll admit.


Robotality’s previous, Halfway, was also turn-based in its choice of strategy yet with user-criticisms directed at its repetitive nature, punishing RNG mechanics and seemingly foolish A.I.

Pathway’s ongoing discussions with the developer however imply lessons learnt. ‘The tactical battles are quite different to Halfway and we’ve removed some of the most frustrating RNG parts,’ for instance.

With release due this year, Steam will serve as the primary modus of dev-comms alongside Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile U.K based Chucklefish is playing publisher yet again.

Here’s the official website. Pretty, pretty.


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