Wrack: Exoverse, FPS Tower Defense Game To Hit Steam March 6th

The latest FPS tower defense game set to come out this month is Final Boss Entertainment’s Wrack: Exoverse. Slated to hit Steam Early Access on March 6th, Wrack: Exoverse aims to mix realm changing and an arsenal of guns and swords together in a tower defense setup.

If tower defense happens to be your thing and you also like first-person shooter games, Wrack: Exoverse seeks to fulfill both roles. How well will it do both tower defense and FPS at launch is unclear at the moment.

If you want a better idea as to what Wrack: Exoverse has at its core both the official description detailing the game and its official Early Access trailer sit below:

“Wrack: Exoverse is a tower defense FPS… with rogue-like elements! Defend ever-changing worlds with an arsenal of weapons, towers, and much much more!”

According to the gameplay video the AI is lacking on many departments insofar that they just run toward you or the objective. No footage shows any dynamic AI that could pose a threat, but time will tell if there’s more challenging enemies.

Speaking of enemies, the art of constructing deadly mazes will be a thing, whereupon collecting money can be used at the Nebula Omnis – a central hub and shop. Shops hold new weapons, items, and towers to defend the objective against enemies.

If you like options when it comes to characters, Wrack: Exoverse lets you play as Kain, Fabian, Starlyn, or Vance. Each character has their own unique starting weapon, turret, and attributes.

Furthermore, this tower defense FPS game wouldn’t be indie if it did not sport rogue-like elements as featured in the trailer. Accompanying rogue-like elements comes collectible consumables, runes, and artifacts with “game-changing” properties.

Final Boss Entertainment will release Wrack: Exoverse for PC via Steam Early Access on March 6th, 2018. You can learn more about this game by checking out wrackgame.com.


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