Xera: Survival Has Players Surviving In A Robot-Apocalypse
Xera Survival

Joshua Harrington’s Xera: Survival is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game. Harrington recently took to Kickstarter to help finish funding for the open-world game, with a goal of $25,241.

The game currently has 19 days left over on Kickstarter and has garnered just $4,532. A three minute pitch video rolls out the basic premise of the game, along with a prototype demonstration of the gameplay currently implemented.

The basic premise is that humanoid robots have taken over the planet Earth and are eradicating the last remnants of humanity. Players take on the role of those last remnants of humanity, but instead of working together to take out the robots and rebuild Earth, people have devolved into blood-thirsty scavengers who shoot on sight. The objective is to basically kill the robots and kill any other humans you see roaming around.

The concept of the game could have been like an open-world survival version of Terminator with a bunch of deadly and dangerous robots roaming around, forcing players to have to work together to take down the robots while avoiding being exterminated, but instead the game looks like another Escape from Tarkov or DayZ clone.

The concept seems to be better than what the actual execution of the game is aiming for. I suppose if you’re interested in yet another PvP survival MMO, you might be interested in Xera: Survival, but if you’re more entertained with the whole AI-gone-rogue concept, it seems to be little more than a backdrop for the game.

According to Harrington, he’s an avid gamer who enjoys the genre, but wanted to replace the zombies with robots, mentioning on the Kickstarter page…

“I have always been fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and in the most recent years, with AI becoming more intelligent, this seemed like a perfect fit – a “Robot Apocalypse”. XERA: Survival is one of the first open world multiplayer survival games to have a humanoid / robot themed apocalypse. I hope this will bring a fresh mood to the genre.”

The multiplayer aspects will feature 50 players per instance, while a larger map is scheduled for the pipeline that will feature up to 100 players.

Xera: Survival will sport day and night time cycles, weather conditions, and private server customization that allow for loot customization, PvE and PvP toggling, password protection, and AI modifications.

Maybe there’s still hope for the game yet? Heck if someone built a private server themed around PvE survival against nearly unstoppable robot hordes I might be inclined to play.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the game you can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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