Yakuza 6 PS4 Demo Available For Download On The PlayStation Store
Yakuza 6 Demo Download
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2018)

After Sega made a massive, huge, gigantic blunder that benefited gamers in the best way possible by releasing a demo for Yakuza 6 that gave gamers access to the full version of the game, the publisher decided to try their hand at releasing the demo again only this time without giving gamers access to the full version.

Sega announced that North America gamers can get their hands on Yakuza 6: The Song of Life from over on the PlayStation Store.

Sony sent out a reminder about the demo’s availability via a tweet on social media.

The demo gives you access to a small slice of the game. You can run around in the streets of Tokyo, beat the crap out of some thugs, collect some yen, and even participate in a few mini-games.

May of the shops can be entered and you can even talk to the NPCs and buy stuff, such as food. You can also participate in pointless trivialities like karaoke, where you can listen to a bunch of J-pop tunes and attempt to win the music-rhythm sections. You either have to be really beta or really alpha as a grown man to do karaoke.

The highlight of the demo is Kiryu getting a crash course in live-chatting with a hot chick.

It’s interesting that one of the side-stories involves helping a Japanese man with his girlfriend troubles. He awakens to his inner reality and decides that live-chatting with hot chicks is better than spending money and time on his real life girlfriend.

Yakuza 6 - MGTOW

The Japanese fellow decides to join the Men Going Their Own Way community (MGTOW) and abandon his girlfriend for good.

He decides to devote his life to live chat and give up on his girlfriend.

Many MGTOW will likely appreciate that quest.

Anyway, the demo is quite hefty, and clocks in at a rather expansive 36GB. If you have the free space available you can download the demo now ahead of the April 17th release in the West.

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