Yoku’s Island Express Trailer Depicts Side-Quests In Pinball-Esque Side-Scroller
Yoku's Island Express

Team17 released a new trailer for the tropical, side-scrolling, pinball-esque platformer, Yoku’s Island Express. The new trailer covers the game’s side-quests for Villa Gorilla’s upcoming title.

The side-quest trailer covers one of the quests that players will be able to take on across the multiple islands that can be visited. The player takes on a quest that involves acquiring chunks for one character by venturing into a map and going through a pinball-style sequence in order to complete the quest.

You can check out the trailer for the game below, which covers some of the unique hand-painted artwork, and tropical setting of Mokumana Island.

In another side-quest we see that one character requires some mushrooms, and players have to go out to acquire the mushrooms from the nearby area.

I’m not really sure who exactly this game is aimed at but it’s an interesting title that seems to mix in traditional role-playing and questing, but with the added element of playing through a pinball game. There are also some traditional side-scrolling segments, and platforming elements.

The game centers around a beetle attached to a pinball who makes his way around the island delivering goods for the residents.

Yoku's Island Express - Ancient Turtle

It’s a rather fast-paced title that definitely seems like the kind of game that would find a nice little niche audience on the Nintendo Switch. The art is somewhat captivating given that it has a hand-painted art-style that almost looks like everything is designed to look like high-quality concept art. It’s a unique approach to the visual aesthetics of a game, but you can tell that Villa Gorilla is at least aiming to do something new with the title.

The game originally made its debut back in spring of 2017, but it’s now scheduled for release on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch at some point during the second quarter of 2018.


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