The 13th Doll, Fan-Game Based On 7th Guest Launches Halloween 2018 On Steam
The 13th Doll

Attic Door Productions announced that a fan-made game based on Virgin Interactive and Broderbund Software’s The 7th Guest and its follow-up, The 11th Hour, is on the way this Halloween for Linux, Mac, and PC users.

The name of the game is called The 13th Doll and Attic Door Productions, an American-based development studio from out of Iowa, released the first trailer for the game as part of the PAX East weekend. You can check out the trailer below for the upcoming puzzle-oriented, full-motion video game that’s a nice little new-age throwback to the yesteryears of gaming.

The trailer is structured to mimic the original 7th Guest, right down to the awesome foyer and creepy staircase to the kitchen with the disgusting looking birthday cake. The entire game is mirrored after the FMV-style presentation that Broderbund designed for the first two games.

In fact, looking at the trailer, it’s kind of hard to tell that the new game isn’t just a cobbled together redo of the original game.

There are 26 all new puzzles added to the experience, along with two different playable characters that can unlock up to five different endings, not unlike how the original games had different endings depending on certain choices during the game.

What’s interesting is that the game is a fully licensed product even though its a fan-made game. I wonder which rights holder they managed to track down to get a hold of the IP for the game?

Anyway, FMV games have been making a return to the spotlight in the last two years. We’ve seen several new games attempt to make FMV feel relevant again. I think it’s something that’s always only going to appeal to a niche audience.

Even still, if you want to learn more about The 13th Doll, you can do so by visiting the game’s official website.


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