39 Days To Mars, Co-op Victorian Space-Adventure Travels Onto PC For $14.99
39 Days to Mars

It’s Anecdotal’s 39 Days to Mars has officially launched on Steam. The cooperative, puzzle-oriented survival game sees two astute scientist who love tea, making the dangerous journey from Earth to Mars in just 39 days in a Victorian jalopy known as the HMS Fearful.

It starts with the two 19th century explorers, Sir Albert Wickes and the Right Honorable Clarence Baxter, choosing to modify the HMS Fearful for space travel to Mars.

The steam-powered ship runs on coal and requires lots of fixing and cadoodling in other to patchwork their way through the stars. Players will have to manage all the moving parts associated with the HMS Fearful, solving puzzles and engaging in some of the most unreliable engineering methods known to man.

39 Days to Mars has a smart charm about it, designed for two-players who must match wits with the requirements of space travel in rickety ship. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

In order to keep the action moving at a decent pace, there are a number of bite-sized adventures sprinkled throughout the game, giving gamers a bevy of different challenges to complete.

You can play in the two-player co-op mode or you can play the game solo in the single-player mode all by your lonesome. The game reminds me a little bit of the Odd Gentlemen’s The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, it shares a very similar art-style but with a very different kind of gameplay setup.

39 Days to Mars is currently available for $14.99, but during the first week of being on sale you can get it for 20% off up until May 2nd. You can get the standard version from the Steam store, or if you don’t like supporting Valve and would rather give your business to an up-and-coming digital distributor, you can spend your hard earned coins over on the itch.io store.


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