Academia: School Simulator Updated With Alpha 2 Release

Academia School Simulator

Squeaky Wheel Studio announced that the latest alpha release of Academia: School Simulator is currently live. Alpha 2 continues the trend of advancing and upgrading the game during its run through Early Access, including adding all new school subjects, scheduling and trash management.

Some of the new features include being able to assign teachers to different departments and determine how long they’ll teach those subjects and for what periods. You can also assign them to a single year of teaching or to have them teach students for the rest of their life, like some kind of educational prison.

You can also modify the scheduling so that you can customize how students spend their time in school and how long they’re in each class, as well as how the periods work.

The infinite trash dumpsters have been fixed so now you’ll actually have to keep an eye on the garbage area, and they’ve overhauled the user interface so that it’s less of an eye-strain and more intuitive to navigate.

New sound effects have been added, along with adjustments to the teach/subject knowledge base so that different teachers have more specialized fields than in the previous iteration.

Other quality of life features like an improved title screen and cloud save features have also been implemented, along with the all new art room.

Many gamers note that Academia: School Simulator is basically an education version of Prison Architect.

The game has been in Early Access since September of 2017. The game is about designing a school with the aim of bringing in the best teachers in order to educate and produce the best students that tax payer dollars can provide.

Much like real life, you’ll have to balance teacher to student ratios, paying for quality teaching materials, battling to ensure upkeep is maintained and that no student is left behind.

If the game was to maintain any semblance of realism then you’ll likely see only the Asian and white students excelling. If it’s not present then I’m sure there’s a mod that adds “realistic” American school conditions to the game as well.

I wonder if there’s a school massacre mod, too? Can’t have a public school without a few school shootings. It would also be pretty cool if you could arm the teachers and really capture that slice of Americana.

You can learn more about Academia: School Simulator by visiting the Steam store page where it’s available in Early Access for $19.99.