Anon Trailer Depicts A World Without Privacy
Anon (2018)

What happens when the world turns over all its rights to privacy and nothing is not recorded, archived, saved, or photographed? Well, that’s the world that Gattica and The Truman Show writer and director Andrew Niccol attempts to depict in the sci-fi, slow-burn thriller, Anon.

The film stars Clive Owen as a crime specialist investigating murders where the killers are completely unknown. What makes it so odd is that with everyone having optical cameras attached to their eyes, the investigators are stumped how the killer managed to go unseen. It’s then discovered that the killer manages to hack into the person’s optical firmware and force the victim to see through the eyes of the killer, so the killer’s identity remains unknown.

This sets off a series of strange events, where Owen encounters a mystery girl played by Amanda Seyfried who is completely off the grid… an anon. The trailer depicts what first looks like a cat and mouse game that eventually turns into a mouse hunting a cat. You can check it out below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

The trailer does a fantastic job of setting up this clinically unpredictable thriller where we don’t really know what the end-game is for any of the characters. It’s a rare treat that someone is capable of writing a film, much less a marketing team capable of promoting said film, without giving away all the beats or unraveling the entirety of the film within the confines of a two minute trailer.

Here, we see Owens start off suave, cool, collected and in control, but by the end of the trailer he’s disheveled, distraught, confused and dolor.

I imagine there’s some deeper corporate conspiracy at play, but much like Gattica this seems like a film you’ll actually have to watch to understand.

In today’s culture where privacy doesn’t really exist anymore, it will be interesting to see how a movie can depict someone living in the future where they have no digital footprint, and where living off the grid seems like grounds for more monitoring and intrusion than what most people would be comfortable with.

You can look for Anon to hit theaters starting May 11th.


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