Antraxx Devs Want To Focus On Single-Player Elements And Campaign

Antraxx is a mecha game that made its first debut back in 2016 on Steam Greenlight. Successfully passing the voting phase, Antraxx and creator Antraxxed found contrary results on Kickstarter, forcing the team to re-evaluate the multiplayer side of things and focus instead on single-player elements.

A good read about what had happened during the changing of Antraxx can be found over on Ultimately, the team had to change engines and opted to build a custom one that could render pixel art from any perspective using voxel data.

This new engine would have to benefit from stuff like dynamic lighting, runtime camera rotation, standard 4×4 matrices and 3D vectors, fast and easy physics/collisions, full on destructible environments, and the ability to reflect pixel to voxel assets in an orthographic perspective.

Below is gameplay footage of the original/older build of Antraxx (pre-alpha footage).

Following the above video comes the new version of Antraxx, which is also in an alpha state.

With the game’s custom engine shaping up, there’s also an initiative to change the game so that it features single-player and is also viable for a multiplayer mode as an add-on. This move is a complete 180 spin in that the original design was focused on multiplayer with no single-player campaign.

“Our game was focused on multiplayer only while the chances of creating a successful long lasting game like that are very limited. Especially in the indie game scene. We decided it was time to focus on a singleplayer campaign with multiplayer add-ons.”

As it stands right now, the devs are still working on Antraxx as we speak. Additionally, this means that a release date is on hold, as it was before, and will likely come forth when significant progress has been made on the mecha game in question.

You can read the new blog post about major changes made to Antraxx by hitting up, which the game itself has a release date of TBA.


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