Ashes Of Creation PAX East Video Demonstrates Party Skills, Out-Of-Combat Challenges

Ashes of Creation

At PAX East this past weekend, Intrepid Studios recorded a near half-hour session from Ashes of Creation, showcasing some of the questing, combat and adventuring to be had in the third-person action-MMORPG.

The 22 minute video was uploaded to the Ashes of Creation YouTube channel, giving gamers a small taste of what to expect from the multiplayer adventure title. The actual questing doesn’t start until the four minute mark. You can check it out below.

As mentioned early in the video, Ashes of Creation is a living, breathing world where the persistent universe grows and evolves based on player interactions.

After taking a quest from the local village NPC, the party treks out of the village, and along the pathway they encounter some trash mobs. The combat in the game is still Tab-targeting based, much like every other classic MMO.

Where the game differs from other standard Korean MMOs is that there are no nav points to guide you to your quest locations. You’ll either have to thoroughly read the quest description or use the Ranger’s scouting skill to follow the tracks toward the quest location.

The video reveals that even outside of combat certain character classes are essential for each party, with Clerics being able to clear out toxic fogs, or dispel DOT magic.

The idea is that Ashes of Creation will require the standard healer/tank/DPS combo for combat, but will also require the individual skills for out-of-combat puzzles and challenges as well, which the team hopes will add some variety to the gameplay and ensure that parties are diversified.

Of course, there’s still really no solution if the game ends up racking up one type of class over the other, and so if there are too many DPS characters, or too many tanks, or too many mages, I’m not really sure what they have in place to balance that out.

Ashes of Creation is still early in development, but you can keep track of said development by visiting the official website.

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