Atomic Society Update Covers The Inclusion Of Slavery, Religion And Radiation

Far Road Games is looking to make a strategy simulator about people living in a post-apocalyptic nuclear world, where danger lurks over every mountain, through every field, and around every settlement. Well, in the latest Atomic Society update the devs seek to add slavery, different religions, raiders, and radiation to the PC game, due out this summer.

As of right now, Far Road Games is said to be on track for a summer release for Atomic Society, however the game will be made available via Steam Early Access. This early build will be used to fine-tune certain features, add new content, and squash any nasty bugs present.

Firstly, raiders have a plethora of things attached to them in that a group can attack you, demand things from you, or take people from your population. Players will be able to negotiate with raiders, but it doesn’t mean that all will go well in the end.

This is where the act of slavery kicks-in; you can turn your population into slaves or you can decline the offer made by raiders. It’s unclear at this point if you will be able to turn random civilians into slaves at any given time, but it is clear that slavery will be in the game.

As for religion and ideology, the devs note that different forms will be present in Atomic Society, which can lead to a list of things and will have a multitude of choices spawn out of them. In other words, choices will play an important role regarding how your population reacts to other religions and ideology.

As for radiation, there will be different forms around the land. Plans for “radioactive ruins” is a thing at the moment and will add a random element around the world. Players won’t know where they’ll spawn and won’t be able to build near them, unless players take up a costly and dangerous method (that hasn’t been detailed yet) to get rid of them.

Lastly, Atomic Society will let you run a laissez-faire society or one ran by an iron fist. In other words, you’ll have options to run your society how you want as seen in Wee Hours Games video.


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