Bandai Namco Reveals New Code Vein Screenshots
Code Vein

Code Vein at the moment has no official release date set — unless you count its mysterious 2018 placeholder — but it seems as if Bandai Namco wants to build up hype around its action-adventure RPG by revealing more and more screenshots before an official date is announced.

So far, a handful of areas have been shown off in older videos and stills of Code Vein, opting for potential buyers, fans, and gamers to form an opinion on the game well before it releases for mass consumption.

It remains a mystery as of this moment whether Bandai Namco will unveil the curtain hiding Code Vein’s release date or not any time soon, but in the meantime, there is good news for those who enjoy looking at screenshots.

Bandai Namco has released a batch of screenshots featuring a new character named Mido, weapons, and more of previously revealed characters — like Mia and Louis.

You can check out the newly posted screens right here:

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If you don’t know who this Mido character is, Bandai Namco has you covered. The company released a description explaining the character through an overview:

“Before the Great Collapse, Mido adopted orphans to conduct barbaric experiments on them and sent his “experiments” on the battlefield. Although he’s already extremely powerful, he continues to strive for power & strength. What could his intention be?”

As for the weapons in the stills, viewers can see around five of them in use. However, it is said that weapon types like a Broadsword, Hounds Blood Veil, Nagimukuro, Stinger, Sunset Sword, Warped Blade, and Zweihander will be in the game.

Hopefully, an extended gameplay video showing new areas, character customization and, hopefully, a release date will appear soon. Until then, what is know is that Code Vein is due out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One worldwide sometime this year.


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