Bonnie Ross And Crew Will Invest In PC And Classic Halo Games Moving Forward

The news about Halo Online ElDewrito is still fresh and many reports and videos are still surfacing well after the announcement made on Halo Waypoint that the project would be suspended for now. However, it has been said recently by the head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, that there is “passion for PC” and “classic Halo games,” and that the team is investing in both moving forward.

If you don’t know, Halo Online ElDewrito is a community-made PC mod for Halo Online, which was a Halo 3 derived free-to-play online FPS that didn’t get past closed beta testing in Russia. The mod went up for public consumption on April 20th.

Fast-forward to April 24th and and featured the following text:

“While we are humbled and inspired to see the amount of passion poured into this project, the fact remains that it’s built upon Microsoft-owned assets that were never lawfully released or authorized for this purpose. As this project reverberated across the community, our team took a step back to assess the materials and explore possible avenues, while Microsoft, like any company, has a responsibility to protect its IP, code and trademarks. It’s not optional in other words.“


“BTW, we’re not “shutting down the mod” or going after the Eldewrito crew – we’re enacting action to remove the Halo Online code and packages from places it’s being hosted…“

With that said, the head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, took to Twitter a day after the above notice was posted up and had this to say:

In other words, the tweet is basically saying that Ross and crew love and share the passion for PC and classic Halo games, and want you to know that they are currently investing in both PC and classic Halo games as we progress through time.

Like clockworks, many fans and followers thought Ross was talking about Halo 6, but there are no definitive relations in the tweet regarding Halo 6 to feature said support. Additionally, the tweet means that the team is currently investing in both PC and classic Halo experiences moving forward.

With all of that said, would you like to see Microsoft and 343 Industries support PC and classic Halo stuff in the coming future?


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