CD Projekt Red To Host Promised Land 2018 This September

CD Projekt Red announced not too long ago that it will host the third edition of Promised Land Art Festival in 2018. The art event aims to bring 2D and 3D artist from around the world to share and show off their knowledge on various subjects at the  annual event.

If you haven’t been to Promised Land Art Festival or you’re planning to go, there’s good news for you in that CD Projekt Red will host a third edition of said event this year. Just like last year, it will take place in the EC1 Łódź centre, which is further detailed below:

“Together with the city of Łódź, Poland, we’re proud to announce third edition of Promised Land Art Festival, where creative industry professionals share their knowledge and passion!


This year’s festival will take place from September 30th to October 3rd, and will once again be held in the EC1 Łódź centre. Tickets will be available soon.”

Unlike last year’s event, though, this year will see Promised Land to kick-off from September 30th to October 3rd. The 2017 event ran from September 3rd and ended on September 6th.

With all of that said, Promised Land Art Festival YouTube account posted up a video to announce its return.

Much like before, hundreds of artists and creative industry professionals from around the world are expected to come to Łódź, Poland, to celebrate and hear digital and traditional art lectures. This can be seen below in another video about Promised Land 2018.

Looking over to the statistical side of things, Promised Land 2017 welcomed well over 500 participants to trade and share tech info. Together, it is said that they hosted 50 hours of lectures, discussion panels, and Meet the Artist sessions time, 30 hours of masterclasses in digital art, 12 hours of sculpting workshops, and 18 hours of live drawing sessions.

Tickets have not been announced yet, but their availability will be announced “soon.” You can learn more about this event by heading on over to


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