Cliff Bleszinski Believes Epic Games Is Poaching Devs From Boss Key Production

In a recent report posted up on another publication site, it looks as if Cliff Bleszinski isn’t too happy with Epic Games and feels that the company is poaching developers from Boss Key Productions.

A new report has gone up over on about Cliff Bleszinski and his claims of Epic Games poaching developers from Boss Key Productions. With Radical Heights out now, which is a Battle Royale game, allegations have arisen with Bleszinski stating that Fortnite’s Epic Games are stealing his team members.

The publication site posted the following tweets from Bleszinski’s Twitter account:

The site followed up Bleszinski’s claims about Epic Games supposedly poaching members away from Boss Key Productions with tweets from fans and developers, too.

William McCarroll, a former Boss Key Productions dev who then went to Epic Games, tweeted to Bleszinski the following:

There’s no proper way of telling how Radical Heights is performing right now and how fans are receiving the Battle Royale game, but we can estimate here by using a service similar to Steam Spy called

As listed above on April 13th, although you should take it with a grain of salt given that it does not represent the full picture, we can see the game had a strong bleed off of 194,464 Twitch viewers and now averages around 5,000 to 3,000 Twitch views a day.

As for players, the game is pulling in around 7,000 to 6,000 players a day, and reflects an all-time peak of 12,757 on April 14th.

It’ll be interesting to see how this game will perform and how Bleszinski will react to later stages of Radical Heights through early access, beta and if it can make it to a full release.

As it stands right now, it is unclear if developers of Boss Key Productions are just moving to other studios such as Epic Games (like McCarroll) or if there is poaching going on, but what is for certain is that Bleszinski isn’t too happy with Epic games.

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