Crying Is Not Enough Coming Soon To Steam, PS4 And Xbox One Port Planned

If you’re in search of a third-person action-horror game with adventure elements sprinkled throughout, well it looks like publisher and developer Storyline Team has Crying is not Enough for you. The action-horror game just received a new Steam page (not Early Access) and is also slated to hit PS4 and Xbox One.

If you like to solve puzzles, shoot strange enemies, and crawl through a mysterious story to uncover the truth behind it, Crying is not Enough may be a game worth checking out.

“Crying is not Enough is a Third-Person Survival Horror Game.The player has to face enemies, using weapons and other survival mechanisms. He has to solve various puzzles and make progress by slowly unfolding the story.”

According to past comments made by people who have their eyes on Crying is not Enough say that it looks a bit like Alan Wake and Resident Evil fused together. However, I think it’s best that you form your own opinion of the game by checking out its 2018 trailers.

Crying is not Enough story follows a 35-year-old guy named Jacob Helten and his experiences after his wife, Claire, faces serious injuries in a car accident.

According to the devs, a few weeks after the accident Claire’s health begins to improve, but before being discharged from the hospital, she disappears mysteriously.

Helten is approached by a strange woman that same evening, claiming she knows where his wife is, while declaring her willingness to help him.

From here a dark journey begins, where soon Helten will understand that the disappearance of his wife is nothing more than a small piece of a much larger puzzle that has yet to be solved.

Helten will find himself trapped in an unfair game for harsh players, fueled by hatred and fear, which although he is not the center of the puzzle, he is forced to adapt to it or die.

Crying is not Enough is set to come out “soon” and will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can learn more about this game and the devs by visiting its newly posted Steam page.


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