Dark Devotion Trailer Reintroduces Gamers To Gothic Hack-and-Slash Side-Scroller
Dark Devotion

I’m sure there are game journalists out there saying that Dark Devotion is the Dark Souls of indie game Dark Souls clones. The reality is that Dark Devotion is a Gothic side-scroller themed around dungeon-crawling mechanics, short range melee mechanics, and long range combat.

You’ll do some light platforming, some item scavenging, and a bit of soul-searching along the way. The latest trailer for the game was popped online via The Arcade Crew, covering the general story for Dark Devotion.

Hibernian Workshop’s title also feature typical dungeon traps, the likes of which are made of the skin-burning, bone-severing, sharp-edged kind. You’ll have to roll, dodge, jump, and duck out of the way to avoid being scorched, cut, sliced, cleaved and crushed.

There a variety of boss-like encounters along the way, each with their own attack patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. You’ll have to modify your loadout to deal with their attacks, and plan your combat strategies effectively.

The main heroine is a Templar and will have access to swords, maces and bows. Each set of weapons are effective against different types of enemies. Gameplay and combat is very reminiscent of Death’s Gambit or Salt and Sanctuary, so gamers who enjoy that kind of gameplay will fit right at home with Dark Devotion.

While the trailer above claims that it’s an announcement trailer, the reality is that the game was originally announced back in January of 2017, when it first appeared on Steam Greenlight. Before Greenlight went defunct, the game was given the blessing of the community and moved through with approval to appear on the Steam store. Later that year, the developers at Hibernian Workshop took Dark Devotion to Kickstarter, where it was successfully funded for release.

With the announcement trailer basically reintroducing gamers to the world and premise of the hack-and-slash side-scroller, it appears The Arcade Crew and Hibernian Workshop are ready to release the game sometime later this year.


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