Deadpool 2 Final Trailer Takes Shots At DC Universe, Infinity War
Deadpool 2 Final Trailer

It wouldn’t be Deadpool without a dozen or so fourth-wall breaking jokes at the expense of other super hero movies and the past filmography of supporting cast mates, so it should come as no surprise that the final trailer for Deadpool 2 holds back nothing by going all in with references to Avengers: Infinity War, The Goonies, and Warner Bros., poorly put together DC Universe films.

The trailer attempts to rectify the awfulness of the second trailer, which was chock full of diversity-hires and support for multiculturalism. The final trailer irons out a more coherent plot for the film, as Deadpool attempts to put together his ragtag diversity-crew to go up against Cable, which doesn’t seem to go over as well as they plan.

Throughout the trailer we get references to all sorts of past films and recent outings from both Marvel and DC, including Reynolds joking that Josh Brolin’s Cable seems too dark for Marvel. Check it out below, courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

We see that Colossus attempts to take on Cable but fails after getting blown up with the grenade launcher. Speaking of the grenade launcher… Cable has the ability to magnetically recall the rifle, which is pretty cool.

We also see that Cable seems to best Deadpool on multiple occasions in hand-to-hand combat. I still can’t quite make heads or tails of where the plot is trying to go, but the trailers seem to be making it out to be a sort of Terminator meets X-Men hybrid.

Deadpool 2 - Colossus

Unfortunately the movie still seems to suffer from the whole Liberal taint.

The only way this could be rectified is if all the other diversity hires are killed off just like the stunt chick wrongfully hired to ride a motorcycle down some steps, which might be able to put the movie back in the good graces with some fans.

Anyway, you can look for Deadpool 2 to land in theaters soon.


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