Deathgarden, Dystopian Blood Sport Game Is This Gen’s Version Of The Running Man


An asymmetrical, multiplayer action game called Deathgarden was announced by Behaviour Interactive, the Canadian-based studio responsible for Dead By Daylight. The upcoming Deathgarden is a near-future, dystopian deathmatch game revolving around an entertainment blood sport.

The entertainment death sport is about a handful of runners who will attempt to survive through and escape a deadly place known as The Garden. Sound easy right? Well, things get a bit more complicated for the runners when a heavily armored and well equipped Hunter enters the fray, tasked with killing the runners.

Sound familiar?

Yes, the game is essentially a 2018 rendition of Paul Michael Glaser’s 1987 live-action take on Stephen King’s The Running Man. As a little refresher, here’s the original trailer for the classic action film… back when men were men and women were women, and there were only two genders.

As for Behaviour’s upcoming title, you can see how it measures up by checking out the announcement trailer for Deathgarden below to see what the gameplay is like.

David Osborne, the VP of product management at Behaviour Digital, mentioned in the press release that the team wanted to continue to work on asymmetrical multiplayer games, and that Deathgarden was next in line, saying…

“We embrace the challenge of asymmetrical gameplay and the unique moments it provides, drawing players and viewers into the experience. Playing with your team to overcome an unrelenting threat hell-bent on stopping you isn’t just fun to play, it’s really engaging to watch.”

Runners aren’t completely helpless in the game, however. Much like Dead By Daylight, there are ways to fend yourself off. However, bow and arrows aren’t going to do a whole lot to slow down the behemoth Hunter. It’s a little like an inverse of the game Evolve.

Gamers will be able to get their first look at the game at PAX East this weekend in Boston, Massachusetts. Additionally you’ll be able to sign-up to participate in the first closed alpha test by visiting the official Deathgarden website.

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