Die Young Easter Update Adds Improved Dog AI, New Enemies, Balance Tweaks
Die Young

IndieGala’s first-person survival game, Die Young, is currently in Early Access on Steam. The developers have been steadily updating and upgrading the gameplay experience since its release into Early Access back in June of 2017.

The developers recently announced that the Easter update is live, featuring all new improvements to the gameplay, additional balance tweaks for some of the player-character stats, and all new enemy AI to face off against.

The new enemies are called Junkies, and they roam around the island, looking to kill, maim, and do very bad things to the young lady trapped on the island with a psycho killer. You can see how the Junkies behave and what their attack patterns are like with the gameplay video below.

In the video we see the crazies chasing the chick through the field, screaming obscenities at her and threatening to kill her. It’s like SJWs if they don’t their daily dose of soy.

The chick managed to kill the Junkies by shanking them in the face. However, it’s quite hilarious how many times the guy stops to say that he’s gonna kill her. Kind of reminds me of Shao Khan from the original Mortal Kombat II who would taunt you every time he did a movie.

We also see the new animals in play, mostly just the rabbit at the end of the clip. The rabbit is joined by foxes and goats, which are the new animals present in Die Young.

Additionally, older animals like dogs have been upgraded. The dog AI has been improved to behave more like wild dogs.

Performance enhancements have also been implemented to smooth over frame-rates and reduce frame drops on lower end hardware.

And they completely reworked the hydration system, and added new ways to get and stay hydrated. You can check out the changelog over on the Steam community page.

The game is discounted by 30% off up until April 11, so instead of being $14.99 you can get your hands on it for only $10.49.


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