DOOM Movie Reboot Will Star Amy Manson, Nina Bergman
Doom movie

Universal is rebooting DOOM… not the game, but a movie based on the game. In fact, the movie is in development right now under the Universal 1440 Entertainment label, which means that it won’t receive a theatrical release and will instead head straight to DVD and streaming services.

According to Dread Central DOOM will star Amy Manson, who is best known for her work on ABC’s Once Upon A Time and the BBC show Being Human. They don’t disclose what role she’ll have, but given today’s politically correct society, don’t be surprised if they have her replacing the Doomguy and becoming the Doom Slayer from the 2016 iteration of DOOM (4).

Dread Central also notes that the director of the DOOM movie reboot will be Tony Giglio, who directed some pretty awful DTV movies such as Chaos, S.W.A.T.: Under Siege and Extraction.

Joining Giglio and Manson is singer and actress Nina Bergman. Variety spotted the news that Nina tweeted out on April 17th, 2018, indicating that she would be part of the cast for the upcoming DOOM movie reboot.

Filming is supposed to take place near the end of the year in Bulgaria.

It appears Universal wants to cash in on the popularity and sales of the 2016 DOOM game from id Software and Bethesda. Last time they tried cashing in on the franchise was when Doom 3 came out for PC and Xbox back in 2004.

They released Doom in theaters in 2005, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It was a flop both critically and commercially. On the upside, though, it was filled to the brim with tough guys and plenty of cheesy blood and gore.

Already this new DOOM reboot sounds like it’s going to be crap. It has a low-quality director attached and two actresses not really suited for a gory, action-horror flick. Unless they have some kind of surprise casting for the Doomguy, this is likely going to end up being a stinker before it’s even complete.


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