Dragon Quest Builders 2 Update Covers After Hargon’s Death And Malroth
(Last Updated On: April 15, 2018)

Square Enix will release Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4 and Switch sometime in the future. In the meantime, though, a new update via this year’s 20th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed more information on Builders 2, and slightly covers the events after Hargon’s death and Malroth.

Notice: Potential spoilers lie ahead. If you do not want to learn anything about the beginning part of Dragon Quest Builders 2, this very piece covers certain events that include the protagonist, events that take place after Hargon’s death and elements revolving around Malroth.

Thanks to publication site animenewsnetwork.com we learn that Dragon Quest Builders 2: God of Destruction Malroth and the Empty Island will take place in the world of Dragon Quest 2, and follows after the events of said game.

In Builders 2, after Hargon’s death, it is said that a religious organization stepped in and took his place and inherited his will. Additionally, the peace brought by Hargon’s death soon started to fade.

The goal of the religious organization was to see the destruction of the world. The organization sets forth and begins to destroy towns and castles all over the world, leaving very little standing — including the lives of people.

According to the publication site, the religious organization sees the Builders as a threat and plan to eradicate them. The organization conjures up a plan and manages to capture the protagonist (you) and throws them in jail.

In Builders 2 story, the protagonists washes ashore on “Empty” or “Vacant Island” surrounded by rotting casks and debris. The island contains no people, no towns, and no houses, however, an unusual shrine object sits on a rocky mountain that could lead to something special.

A person of interested on this island happens to be Malroth, the name of the final boss from Dragon Quest II, who happens to be in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Malroth will serve as an ally to the protagonists, although he has amnesia.

Malroth is said to play a big role in battles and collecting material, although he plays a big role in material collection, he is not good at building things himself.

Furthermore, Malroth will aid the protagonist (you) as a “reliable” ally, and in battle he will fight monsters by using powerful attacks.

Lastly, Square Enix will release the sequel known as Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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