Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Celebrates Anniversary With Dynasty Warriors 9 Content
Dynasty Warriors Unleashed
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

Nexon announced that it has collaborated with Koei Tecmo for the one year anniversary of Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. The collaboration sees content from Koei’s recently released Dynasty Warriors 9 being made available in the online hack-and-slash RPG, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

The update adds new content, events, and challenges, including various characters such as Xin Xianying and her two legendary weapons, the Orchid Cleaver and the Silken Illusion. A new story chapter has been added in the form of Chapter 10: The Northern Expedition: Battle of Mount Dingjun, and a new guild assault has been added in order to take control of the major cities in the Chinese region featured in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed x Dynasty Warriors 9

The game is an isometric, hack-and-slash title for mobile devices – both for iOS and Android smart devices.

The anniversary event contains anniversary gifts, gold, and rewards, especially for players who recruit Xin Xiangying and play with her up until April 20th, where players will be rewarded with an anniversary chest. Getting Xin Xingying to level 90 will earn you five sacred skill scrolls.

I don’t know if this is the sort of game that would really appeal much to gamers who have already been putting in time and energy into Dynasty Warriors 9. I suppose if you just can’t get enough of Dynasty Warriors and desperately need a fix, I suppose you can grab a free copy from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently out and available right now as well for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game did not launch with the best of results, with plenty of gamers complaining about the open-world being barren and the battles not really being reminiscent of the older Dynasty Warriors games. There were also complaints about the story pacing, the unlockables, and the way the quests were put together.

Even still, both games are available right now, and you can partake in the limited time anniversary event for Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

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