EA Motive’s Jade Raymond Touches On Star Wars Battlefront 2 Service Controversy

One of the most controversial games during the late part of 2017 that featured service-mechanics was and still is EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2. Well, it seems that EA Motive’s Jade Raymond, the one behind the game’s single-player mode, wanted to weigh in and give her take on the situation.

Catching wind from publication site comicbook.com comes Raymond’s response to what is now known as the “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy.”

There’s no denying that the grand sci-fi realm that is Star Wars has seen mixed to critical reception as of late, especially in the games sphere when EA and DICE launched Star Wars Battlefront 2 for public consumption.

It is worth noting that EA and DICE did take the microtransaction service mechanic out of the game and replaced it with a new system, but the sour taste of the whole conundrum still lingers around even after the fact.

In addition to the above, Raymond, who helped create the Assassin’s Creed franchise and who is now apart of the team at EA Motive — the very ones that created the single-player campaign for Star Wars Battlefront 2 — opted to address the situation at Gamesbeat.

Here’s what Raymond had to say:

“Well, look, I mean, the team worked really hard on that game and I’ve gotta say there were obviously some big learnings to take away and the team at DICE has been continuing to work really hard. EA is a learning company, so we are really focused on how we improve and obviously don’t make those kinds of same mistakes again.”

While the response is nothing ground breaking and is basic PR talk, it goes to show the very blunder that is Star Wars Battlefront 2 defunct model still looms like a dark cloud over the general perception of the game.

The thing is, though, the company’s FIFA and sports games have the Ultimate Team mode, a service that players can use in to get better players/items  through a lucrative loot box model.

As it stands right now, EA is trying to find a way to get a form of the Ultimate Team model across various games, much like Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, time will tell if another major fiasco will show up in the company’s future titles, and if more developers will have to come forth and try to defend the company and its business practices.