Ech! Vigil: The Longest Night’s Monsters Are Monsters
Vigil The Longest Night

If I left you craving for something more grotesque with all that Twin Souls banter last Saturday, my sincerest apologies; take a look at this handsome chap.

That heavy breathing is highly disconcerting and while a game-play video is due shortly, you’ll also want to meet the man-in-the-mineshaft, the maggot that swallowed your neighbor’s kids and…ech.

Whereas my 16-year old self would have called it a day by now, young little Leila isn’t quite satisfied with the theory that the above monstrosities are a consequence of Europe’s Great Plague. In fact she’s certain there’s more to the story and despite guardian Fr. Abnar’s best concerns, is out seeking the truth.

What even is that?

Lending context to the hunt is her little sister Daicy, and the mountainous realm of Maye that once brimmed with a thriving medieval culture/lifestyle of its own. In defense of my cowardly 16-year old self though, Leila can also manipulate time.

Personally? I couldn’t shake off a tad bit of skepticism as I stared at Vigil: The Longest Night’s old Greenlit demonstration this morning. Yeah, a Ctuhulu Mythos and a giant equine might be nice to have these days, but all that diffuse and music wasn’t quite doing it for me.

Movement, combat and accompanying visual effects seemed to be in need of some work too. Then again it’s Monday morning, I can be obnoxiously picky and the trailer is over a year old. Things seem to be looking rather intense now.

Time manipulation can kill in the absence of prudence but thankfully, Leila can rely on up to three weapons at-a-time, weapon-forging mechanics, a plethora of fighting styles, skill trees and magic even if her only companion is an owl named Howl.

Additionally with six areas to be explored dungeon-like puzzles are to be had, decisions made, secrets uncovered and multiple endings to be unlocked, only one of which is TRUE. Oh and Leila’s received a makeover as of a few hours ago.

Vigil: The Longest Night, Maye and the completely oblivious Leila are the creations of Glass Heart Games. A demo is due shortly it seems, but please feel free to visit them on Twitter for more.


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