Encased is a Post-Apocalyptic Dome in Development

Never mind the apocalypse.

When you hit your head against an invisible pane of glass in the middle of the desert, not only is it time to put together a full-blown research project but an entire sci-fi game for that matter. Encased is doing exactly that.

Actually it’s a little more than a pane of glass they’ve found in the desert; think a semi-penetrable dome, 48-odd kilometers in diameter that contains the ruins of an ancient civilization of advanced tech. know-how, snares and scientific inconsistencies.

The Dome is the unique object with the imagination-stunning properties. Here is just a little piece of information on…

Posted by Encased RPG – Dark Crystal Games on Monday, April 16, 2018

An aperture serving as point-of-entry at its top further confides that the ruins within the dome might still be inhabited. Accordingly Encased in a single-player, tactical RPG that while drawing from the likes of Fallout 1-2, Roadside Picnic, still intends to maintain an isometric flavor of its own.

As participants of the previously mentioned research project, players are beckoned towards exploring 25+ hours of narrative. This across a world of interconnected locations that will remain open from the start, separated by loading times and all sorts of random events.

Moreover while the role-playing is envisioned as deep and extensive, flexibility ensures that there will not be hundred of character classes to choose from. One may simply choose their line of profession during character creation and a few dialog/interaction accompaniments, before heading out to learn skills/attributes at their own discretion.

You know, Jess, it's not bad in here. Much better than in prison. And of course better than with those coony beasts from…

Posted by Encased RPG – Dark Crystal Games on Monday, February 12, 2018

Having taken to social media only this year, Encased greets those looking for some sort of video teaser on its website with merely three-minutes of audio, presumably from its soundtrack, for now.

Yet all the more engaging is the fact that every art asset currently being churned out by the team is accompanied by some fragment of in-game lore, from which I’ve already inferred that there will be ape-like raiders, rusted corpses and plenty of grub.

The scanner shows…

“Maxwell, this is weird: the scanner shows these ruins are not just a pile of rocks. This is a machine. And… it’s working!”

Posted by Encased RPG – Dark Crystal Games on Friday, April 13, 2018

Combat will be largely turn-based with ample room for freedom of choice and creativity; all this from a varied ensemble with titles such as Divinity and Life is Feudal attached to the resumes of its members.

A closed beta has been estimated for Q1 2019 while newsletter subscriptions for early previews are encouraged.

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