The Endless Mission Trailer Showcases Game Creation, Platforming, Kart Racing

The Endless Mission

E-Line Media and Endless Interactive released the very first gameplay video for the upcoming game, The Endless Mission. The trailer showcases three minutes of all different sorts of gameplay genres and creation tools, showing off how gamers can mix and match creation tools to create all new experiences or solve certain mission quandaries, while also giving gamers a look at how the preset missions can be experienced in a variety of different gameplay genres.

So this probably already has some people confused, but the general gist of The Endless Mission is that you’re transported to a world where you must save the world by creating solutions. These solutions are in the form of creating a hero to save a village, or stopping a giant from rampaging through the land by creating an equally big giant to stop him. It could include providing a vehicle to get through an obstacle course, or teaming up with a character to travel through a cyberpunk city.

In a way, The Endless Mission reminds me of a stripped down version of Project Spark, with a much higher focus on gamification as opposed to game design. You can see what sort of tools and gameplay mechanics are at your disposal with the gameplay reveal trailer below.

This Unity 3D-made project will see players making use of entities within the engine to not just solve problems and complete missions, but also play through these scenarios as an actual game.

In the video above we see the kart racing (with the physics looking a little stiff for my tastes, but there’s still plenty of time to fine tune the driving mechanics), as well as 3D platforming with a furry pirate character, and a Minecraft-style adventure clone.

You can mix and match the characters, entities, and vehicles from the different scenarios to create all new results, including making characters and objects bigger or smaller depending on what’s required.

The Endless Mission has a ton of potential depending on what Endless Interactive does with it. They’ll be demoing the game at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts this weekend, with the Early Access version set to release this summer on Steam for PC. For more info, feel free to visit the official website.

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