Fallout: New California Mod Reported To Be In Beta State

In a new report about a Fallout: New Vegas PC mod named Fallout: New California, it’s said that New California is now playable from start to finish internally. The devs behind the mod also revealed that it’s in a somewhat stable state. The mod is still in development, but as of recent significant progress has been made.

According to publication site comicbook.com, the Fallout: New California mod has made it to Beta 200. This information of progress comes from the team behind the mod via an update post.

As noted above, the dev team can play the mod from start to finish and it’s reported to be somewhat stable. According to the publication site, the beta period of New California will be an important moment in squashing obvious and hidden bugs.

A note that the dev team posted in regards to the state of New California reads:

“Because our story is so replete with branching narratives, it gets extremely dense. The very first branch you encounter in FNC splits the entire first 1/3rd of the game in half and effectively gives you a radically opposite perspective on the world where every NPC has new dialogue to account for a different Vault origin story.


Some branches have you joining the Enclave as a lone covert Agent versus you and your Wasteland Scout buddies questing together, or joining the NCR as opposed to the Raider Alliance. If you choose that last branch it’s literally because you took a right turn at a forked road after being warned what’s up there, and that decision GIVES YOU EFFECTIVELY ANOTHER MOD’S WORTH OF CONTENT.”

It’s worth noting that New California is not available for public consumption at the moment. In other words, the devs have the mod in private bug testing mode and wish to fix it up to be presentable before relasing it to the public.

The good news is that the mod will be playable soon, assuming if no hiccups occur during development.

Fallout: New California is shaping up to be something, and if you want to keep up with it you can head on over to moddb.com or to comicbook.com.


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