Fighting EX Layer Expert Mode, Title Screen And New Characters Revealed

Arika has published three pieces of content pertaining to Fighting EX Layer covering the Expert Mode, title screen, and new characters. The fighting game is currently set to hit PS4, and if it does well it will branch out to other platforms in the future.

Thanks to Ichirō Mihara’s Twitter account, we learn a list of things planned for Fighting EX Layer. According to Mihara it is shown that Arika has announced an Expert Mode.

This Expert Mode is said to task players with various “ranked” trials and missions. This will span across different characters in the game’s roster so that applicable missions are available for each of them.

Fighting EX Layer title screen happens to be revealed over on Mihara’s Twitter account, which can be seen below — standing as the header image. The title splash features Shirase as the poster girl.

On the topic of characters, Sanane (voiced by Megumi Ogata), Hayate (voiced by Takuma Terashima) will be playable characters in the game. The concept art following Sanane and Hayate stand purely as characters to be added if the game does well after launch.

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More information about the two fighters, and concept art of other characters planned for the game, can be looked over in an older video. The video comes in courtesy of Arikia’s YouTube channel.

In the video it is said by CEO Akira Nishitani that he wants to release extra characters as downloadable content. It’s unclear whether or not these extra characters as DLC will be paid or free when the game comes to fruition, but what is clear is that there will be extra content added if the game performs well.

Fighting EX Layer is due out for a digital release for PS4 and will go up for mass consumption by the end of June.


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