The First Purge Trailer Depicts How America’s First Purge Began
The First Purge
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2018)

Universal Pictures released the first trailer for The First Purge, an upcoming pre-sequel to the other Purge films. It goes all the way back to the very first Purge that takes place within the United States, covering the various people involved and the politics behind the sociological experiment.

The trailer seems to depict The Purge annual events within the movie’s fictional lore as something that the general public were actually against, but Deep State manufactured The Purge as a way to maintain social divides and whittle down the less desirable groups who lost the genetic and economic lottery.

You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer attempts to portray gang members and thugs as “heroes” while attempting to portray the government forces as the villains, which has become a trend in the series over the last two movies.

The depiction of minorities as the heroes may not go over as well as having someone like Frank Grillo in the role like The Purge 2 and The Purge 3, especially with the kind of negative sentiments that people have on the gang culture racking up body counts in places like Chicago.

The trailer attempts to make it appear as if minorities and lower class people did not want to participate in first annual Purge, so mercenaries and ex-military forces were sent in to get the violence kicking into high gear. While the gangs attempt to fight back, the trailer also seems to play on the notion that the gangs enacting their qausi-heroics is upended by more experienced military forces.

The movie definitely seems to play hot and heavy on race relations and economic disparity within America, which likely won’t go down well with certain groups.

Surprisingly, though, most people are looking forward to the film. The biggest complaints were that the trailer didn’t showcase more gang-rapes, theft and larceny.

Some people retorted that if people wanted more gang-rapes in a series like The Purge they should check out Avatar Press’ Crossed comic book series, which features plenty of gore, rape, and mutilation. However, it should be noted that Crossed still depicted Social Justice Warrior messages, despite being filled with depraved violence, gore and rape.

Of course, some people were also critical of The Purge for not depicting more crimes and purging from groups like the Yakuza, organized mafia, BLM, and the KKK.

It’s hard to tell if the fourth flick will tackle more grotesque or depraved behavior that wasn’t featured in the other films, but we’ll find out when it releases on July 4th this summer.

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