Frostpunk Now Available On Steam, GOG For $29.99


11 Bit Studios announced that Frostpunk is currently available right now on Steam, the Humble Store, and on for $29.99.

The strategy-based, city management survival game has garnered quite the fan base over the last couple months, as various gamers have been thoroughly looking forward to putting in some time and energy into Frostpunk.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario where players are stuck out in the middle of nowhere during the freezing cold. There’s just a small settlement of people left and a barely-working generator to keep them warm. Players will be in charge of gathering resources, appointing workloads, maintaining the generator, and most importantly, keeping people warm in a blistering cold environment.

Players will need to squelch rebellions, stuff uprisings, and either maintain justice through an iron fist or through social reward programs. You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like in Frostpunk.

Gzegorz Miechowski, the CEO at 11 Bit Studios, explained in the press release that the team wanted to expand and explore more of the morally gray options that they originally dabbled into with This War of Mine, saying…

“From This War of Mine to Frostpunk, we’ve evolved our game’s content to robustly explore player’s morality deeper and more in-depth than ever before. We’ve been searching this fascinating gray-area, where nothing is purely good or evil. You, as a player, need to make decisions based on your moral compass and ability to foresee the consequences of your choices. From deciding the fate of individuals to deciding the destiny of an entire society – that was the creative process of Frostpunk”

The game has a style all its own.

It really does take the “frostpunk” moniker seriously, just like the steampunk or dieselpunk genres. Players will have to battle through the blistering cold to keep the city alive at all costs, and deal with the progress of new technologies, social expectations, and the dangers of exploration.

You can grab a digital copy of Frostpunk right now from over on the Steam store for $29.99. Alternatively you can pick up a DRM-free version of Frostpunk from the store.