Frostpunk Sells 250,000 Copies In Two Days; Free Updates Inbound
Frostpunk Sales

11 Bit Studios seems to be rolling in cash with the smash hit success, Frostpunk. The game seems to have managed to get off to a strong sales start on PC, moving 250,000 copies within just 66 hours.

Evostrix picked up the news from a tweet made by the official Twitter account for the game, which informed gamers of the sales milestone they achieved.

The tweet also indicates that there will be “many” free updates and post-launch expansion packs as well.

According to Steam Spy, the game’s trajectory over the last two days has already set it above 500,000 in sales, meaning that it’s already doing better than Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus did over the last six months.

I imagine the free updates will be balance tweaks and a few freebies to help tide over gamers who already beat the game on the hardest settings.

The promise of additional expansion packs could prove to be worthwhile for gamers who are still craving more from the Frostpunk experience.

The game is a city management simulator that doesn’t cut any corners or pull any punches. Players fulfill the role of planner, magistrate, judicature, explorer, engineer, and visionary. It’s all about maintaining the peace, growing the city, keeping hope alive, and most importantly… staying warm.

Frostpunk - City Expansion

Frostpunk has some unique design mechanics, such as the circular city grid, the heat management feature, and having to wrestle with the restlessness of people versus their desire for structured independence.

The fact that 11 Bit Studios managed to craft a game that wasn’t riddled with SJW politics also allowed it to flourish quite quickly and spread with a lot of positive word of mouth right out of the gate. You can pick up a digital copy of Frostpunk from the Steam store or from for $29.99.


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