#GamerGateHD False Flag Attempt Sees Trolls Trying To Kick Women Out Of Gaming
Eltonel - Gamergate year 3

A troll operation is underway called #GamerGateHD. It’s a hashtag filled with fairly new Twitter accounts parading around that women need to stay out of gaming and that women gamers don’t belong in the hobby.

Many of the tweets on the hashtag belong to the same few accounts, posting messages like the ones depicted below.

This appears to be in response to the recent blow-up about the tea-bagging drama that game journalists conjured up while at PAX East last weekend. The false-flaggers have also attached themselves to recent announcement of the Bully Hunters, where women who are bullied by gamers can have a group hunt down to bully the bullies, as reported by Paste Magazine.

Some of our readers tipped us off to the #GamerGateHD hashtag, and pointed us toward a thread on Kotaku in Action, where one of the moderators warned readers that the hashtag was being used by trolls to bait people in, all in an attempt to smear #GamerGate. The moderator explained…

“#GamergateHD is being used by a series of trolls with rather obvious “alt-right” looking names/twitter handles, attempting to start shit and lay it at our feet. Half the accounts involved are less than six months old, with quite a few only created in the last two months.


“This is serving as a PSA to everyone here, if you see that tag being used, it’s primarily trolls trying to start shit, not real GGers. Don’t take the bait, and feel free to report them if they start breaking twitter rules.”

The moderators and denizens of the Kotaku In Action sub-reddit made it clear that they have no affiliation with the false-flaggers using the #GamerGateHD tags.

This isn’t the first time this is has happened. Years ago trolls attempted to hire kids to use #GamerGate to post death threats by promising them Pokemon codes.

Many of the Kotaku In Action residents are bracing for media coverage of the false-flagging, as some outlets will likely attempt to portray the Twitter users as representatives of #GamerGate.

(Main image courtesy of Galdelic)


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