Ghost Recon Wildlands Event Sees Michael Ironside Reprising Role As Sam Fisher

Ubisoft is set to release an update event that features Michael Ironside reprising his voice acting role as Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operations 1 come April 10th. The update also has a free trial for gamers and fans alike to try across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Teased via the following video trailer to get folks psyched about the espionage agent, Sam Fisher, in Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operations 1 event.

The iconic three goggled spy is voiced by Michael Ironside — who played in movies like Total Recall, and Starship Troopers — and will be available to play in the event set to kick-off on April 10th until May 2nd.

The update will not only bring new attire to the the first-person/third-person shooter, but new weapons like the karambit knife. You can check out what will be available to use in the April 10th event courtesy of Ubisoft North America.

If you want to try your hand at Ghost Recon Wildlands and seek to play past events or this new upcoming Special Operations 1, there’s good news for you. Starting on April 12th and ending April 15th, a free weekend trial across PC, PS4, and Xbox One will let you play content from the Special Operations I update – along with the entirety of the Ghost Recon Wildlands base game, Ghost War PVP mode, and the Predator mission.

Folks on PS4 and Xbox One should know that online modes will require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to access any online functions.

According to, Year 2 will add three more free updates in the coming months, bringing six new Ghost War classes, new missions, and community-requested features like the ability to customize the appearance of your AI team mates in the campaign.

If you want to play as Sam Fisher or see how Ghost Recon Wildlands plays for free, mark your calendar either for April 10th or April 12th.


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