God Of War New Gameplay Covers Interactions, New Enemy Type And More

SIE and Santa Monica Studio are gearing up to release the new iteration of God of War to the general public come April 20th, and ahead of that is a promotional campaign to get people in the know for its ever nearing release. This time around, new gameplay footage arrives showing off interactions, a new enemy type, and much more.

Notice: The following information and footage may be considered as spoilers. If you are holding out and do not want to see potential spoilers in regards to the new God of War, it’s best to not watch the new gameplay video.

As of today, SIE and Santa Monica Studio gave PlayStation Underground the opportunity to show off a snippet of “exclusive” and “new gameplay from God of War.”

“Today on PS Underground: brand new gameplay from God of War, showcasing another one of the game’s trolls, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path exploration elements in the game.”

The video footage gives us a look at world interactions such wall climbing, item looting (dropped by fallen enemies), and treasure chest interactions. Areas will hold places to explore, if you’re into wondering off-the-beaten-path.

As for the new enemy type, a Troll (or Trolls) will be a thing that you’ll encounter around the Norse lands. This enemy type is said to be more fierce, ferocious and brutal than other giants showcased from the game.

The other stuff featured in the new video centers around exploring new paths, fighting wolves, and what looks to be a moment of Kratos looking for a lost or kidnapped Atreus.

You can watch the new gameplay video below courtesy of PlayStation‘s YouTube channel.

If you’re looking to assume the more calm and less raged filled Kratos, who has a second shot at being a father again, you’ll be able to do so on PS4 and PS4 Pro on April 20th.