Hello Games Will Continue To Support No Man’s Sky After NEXT Update
(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

According to one of Microsoft’s official publication sites, Xbox Wire, Sean Murray took to the media outlet to explain some things about No Man’s Sky that’s not found on the game’s official update portal. According to the post, No Man’s Sky will see updates and significant content released after the NEXT update.

Folks who avidly keep up with No Man’s Sky will likely find this to be nothing new, but for those out of the loop will find that Hello Games and Sean Murray will continue to support No Man’s Sky after the big “NEXT” update. This will be done through free and significant content drops, which will double over for Xbox One users.

The aforesaid can be traced to news.xbox.com, which relays the following information from Murray himself:

“This is our biggest update so far, and something we’ve been working ridiculously hard on. And after its release, we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky with significant and free content updates on Xbox One. Next has a lot we’re going to surprise people with and I can’t wait until we can share more.”

There are some rumors about what could make its way into No Man’s Sky via update 1.4/1.5, but seeing Murray say that NEXT is the team’s “biggest update so far” suggests that there won’t be a need to speculate about what will be featured in the update because it’s going to be quite sizable.

Standing as a double edged sword, though, comes the news of NEXT garnering an overwhelmingly positive response, almost similar to the hype that No Man’s Sky received ahead of its release.

The reason the above news stands as a double edged sword is that it could lead to expectations being higher than what is brought to gamers, or it could mean that the update really is that significant.

Time will tell how this NEXT update and post-launch content will be, but until then you can read what Murray collaborated with the Xbox team on with the write-up over on news.xbox.com.

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