Horizon Chase Turbo PAX East Trailer Sports Split-Screen Play, Track Diversity
Horizon Chase Turbo

Brazilian game developer, Aquiris Game Studio, released a new trailer for their racing game, Horizon Chase Turbo, in celebration of the PAX East weekend where the game will be demoed to the public at Sony’s booth. The trailer reveals more of the tracks, locations, and multiplayer options that are going to be available with the launch of Horizon Chase Turbo.

The previous trailers focused on a couple of the vehicles and a few of the exotic locations that players will whiz, zip, and drive through at blindingly fast speeds, but this newest trailer gives us a glimpse at some Chinese-themed race tracks, a snowy race, and a few night races. We also get to see a few more vehicles on display that weren’t showcased in previous trailers, like the Toyota AE86. Check it out below.

There’s a track with the northern lights overhead, a track set during a rainy thunderstorm, a track that takes you through forest plains, and one set along a beachfront.

One of the other modes introduced is a ghost race mode, where you’ll be facing off against an opponent in a one-on-one fight for the best times.

You’ll have to keep a watchful eye on the way the tracks twist and turn, leading you around deep bends and sharp hairpins. If you mess up and find yourself driving off the track, you’ll flip out with a crash and burn style animation, not unlike Lotus Turbo Challenge or the old Top Gear games.

Aquiris Game Studio is still working hard on porting over the game from mobile devices for the PlayStation 4 and Steam. Horizon Chase Turbo is set to release soon for the aforementioned devices. It’s a shame that it’s not on the Nintendo Switch, because this seems like the perfect game for Nintendo’s little console that could.

The full game will feature co-op play, split-screen competitive play, and a chiptune-inspired soundtrack. You can learn more by visiting the game’s Facebook page.


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