Iron Danger is Equal Parts Action, RPG, RTS With Considerable Finnish

Think comic books, CGI, magic, steampunk and isometric real-time strategy, and it might seem that Action Squad wants to do a lot more than would normally be deemed ambitious with Iron Danger.

At the heart of it all though lies a deep-seated fascination with The Kalevala that now has a teased pre-alpha.

Iron Danger game teaser (pre-alpha)

Behold and kneel in awe!Pre-alpha teaser trailer of our tactical RPG, Iron Danger, is here. So prepare yourself for the upcoming mayhem and share the video to your fellow fighters! Watch and share!#IronDanger #indiegame #pcgaming #consolegaming #trailers #rpg #gamedev #indiedev

Posted by Iron Danger on Friday, April 6, 2018

Finnish Viking folklore and a retelling of the classic duel between good/evil headlines its fantasy setting that houses Kipuna, a simpleton with unwarranted primal power over time and death. Fate would have it that said power is the very one vied by warring factions.

One the one hand there’s the City of Kalevala, a sort of Metropolis on-steroids as the developers deem it, the Northlanders on the other and attempts to harness the power for various intents/purposes over multiple deaths in between.

If it’s any relief Kipuna comes with a side-kick and an adaptation of time-manipulation that attempts to challenge the norms of the action – RPG genres of which Iron Danger also derives from.

Turaround loop of keyu.

Keyus appear where the corpses lie, spreading decay and decomposition. Important job for sure.. Better not disturb them though, or you may end up the same!#indiedev #gamedev #rpg

Posted by Iron Danger on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This might mean slowing down time to try out varied mechanics, using attained knowledge to revert back to better decisions through trial-and-error, and even communicating strategy between the duo of protagonists.

Decisions will indeed influence character progression and the RPG inspirations notwithstanding, the emphasis is to lie on story rather than player customization/skill development. Select sets of gear/upgrades are meant to be enjoyed, sure, but only though fulfilling special objectives minus the grinding.

Amid other Unity-based niceties such as procedurally generated in-game populace is the intention to communicate combat in an intelligent way, with the predominantly linear experience being designed for two episodes of roughly 25 episodes and 5-10 hours of playtime each.

Sometimes, everybody needs to get somewhere. Fast. And when you really gotta go, you'd better have a steed that can take you there. #kokko #eagle #north #whywalkwhenyoucanfly #irondanger #kalevala

Posted by Iron Danger on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Interestingly Iron Danger began life as the theme for a feature-length plot that went so far as to make for itself a proof-of-concept teaser circa 2015. Plans for that may have subsided, but Action Squad still wants Graphic Novels preceding the game’s release.

With PC and Consoles in mind, applications for pre-alpha testing are currently being accepted via Discord.


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