Jim Carrey Takes A Grim Turn In Dark Crimes
Dark Crimes - Jim Carrey
(Last Updated On: April 11, 2018)

The upcoming film, Dark Crimes, stars Jim Carrey – yes, the former Hollywood funnyman – as a detective on the brink of sanity, investigating a disturbing crime that links to a novelist.

The film is actually based on the real life story of Polish writer and photographer, Krystian Bala, who detailed the murder of a young girl in his supposedly fictional novel. Bala’s depiction of the murder was based on the suspicion that the girl had an affair with his estranged wife.

It was a startling and bizarre tale that took the Polish media by storm, and apparently caught the eye of Saban Films and Jim Carrey… enough for Hollywood to turn Bala’s real life tale into an actual movie called Dark Crimes.

There seems to be a lot more grit and grime attached to this particular reinterpretation of real life events, as you can see hints of 8mm and The Promise etched into the fabric of the film, even if all we’ve seen so far is a very well put together and compelling trailer. You can check it out for yourself with the trailer below, courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

I imagine anyone who is already quite familiar with the real life event will know how the story plays out, but for a lot of Americans who are only going to be familiar with Dark Crimes because of Jim Carrey’s involvement, this is likely going to be a fresh look at a disturbing murder that took place in the land of the Poles.

Essentially Carrey takes on the role of a down and out detective who becomes obsessed with an author after details of a murder are explicitly depicted in his work of fiction, not unlike what happened in Yoo Ha’s 2006 South Korean film, A Dirty Carnival.

Carrey, however, takes the case to the next level, stalking the author, prying into his life, and going beyond the call of duty.

The trailer gives the film a rather gloomy and morose template for covering the macabre tale.

I imagine some Conservatives will be leery to support a film starring Jim Carrey after he took swipes at Trump’s cabinet, but I do wonder if the Polish will go out to support the film and some of Carrey’s old fans willing to see him tackle dark subject matter, similar to his dive off the deep in the thriller, The Number 23?

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