Keepsake, Decade-Old Adventure Game Makes Return To Steam


Wicked Studios originally released the point-and-click adventure game, Keepsake, on PC over a decade ago. The indie game was mostly forgotten and ignored by most media outlets and gamers since at the time Steam wasn’t anywhere near as big as it is today and a lot of games that weren’t on the platform just kind of faded away into the digital ether.

Well, Wicked Studios figured now would be a perfect opportunity (even though it’s really not that perfect of an opportunity) to get their game Keepsake up out to the public, and hopefully attract the attention of gamers who may have missed out on the title when it originally released well over a decade ago.

There’s an old trailer from when the game was published by Lighthouse Studios, giving you a brief idea of what the story and gameplay is like in the point-and-click game.

I don’t know if there could be a slower and more mundane trailer than that.

Graphically the game reminds me of old PSX cinematics. The trailer doesn’t do too much to really explain to gamers what Keepsake is about, but it does showcase an inkling of the puzzles and environments you’ll experience.

The story is about a magic student named Lydia who attends her first day of school only to find that no one is there. She ends up joining up with a magical dragon and going on an adventure to discover what happened to the students and attempt to rescue her best friend, Celeste.

The game mixes in some 2D elements with the 3D characters, not unlike many other survival-horror games on the PSX and PS2 from back in the day.

You can pick up a copy of the 12-year-old Keepsake or learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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