KIN Movie Is About A Kid And His Extra-Dimensional Laser Rifle

KIN (2018) Movie

Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment seem to want to get in on the whole “diversity” push that Hollywood has been coercing upon the general public these last few years. This time they’re aiming to tell an interracial story about two brothers and their bond over an extra-dimensional laser rifle. And no, I’m not joking.

The story is about a troublesome black kid who is fostered by his white father, played by Dennis Quaid. The trailer doesn’t explain if the boy is from a previous relationship, or if maybe his biological father ran off, or if something happened to his mother and somehow Quaid got stuck with him for whatever reason, but that’s the setup.

Anyway,  the movie attempts to subvert reality by having the black kid’s older, white, step-brother fill the role as the family screw-up who can’t stay out of prison, despite the fact that blacks make-up for 40% of America’s prison population even though they are only 13% of the national population, according to Prison Policy.

Eventually the white brother comes back home, but meanwhile the black kid discovers the extra-dimensional laser rifle and the two brothers end up bonding over the laser rifle. Again, I’m not joking. You can check the trailer out below courtesy of Movie Access Trailers.

The white brother still has debts to be paid to some his former criminal running buddies, and in a bizarre twist of fiction the younger black brother attempts to save him using the giant, destructive, laser rifle that he picked up off the dead body of an extra-dimensional soldier in an abandoned warehouse.

The rifle ends up attracting the attention of other extra-dimensional beings who attempt to retrieve the weapon from the two brothers. This leads into a chase of sorts, where the brothers are attempting to stay out of trouble with the law, stay out of the grips of scummy criminals led by a race-swapped role played by James Franco, and stay one-step ahead of the alien bounty hunters out to take back their prototype weapon.

The movie seems to be a small piece of family drama mixed with a little bit of Terminator and Midnight Special.

It’s from the same people who made Stranger Things, so obviously there’s a sci-fi element there.

KIN movie

The Liberal diversity agenda is also quite obvious, with interracial relationships seeping from every pore of the film’s characterization, including portraying the whites as villains and seemingly the only black male in the movie as the hero.

If this movie were made back in the 1980s it would probably be a cool masterpiece in the making, but the trailer seems as if the movie may end up tripping over its own sociopolitical agenda instead of trying to tell a decent story, similar to what happened to the agitprop rendition of the Lost in Space reboot, which is riddled with SJW pandering.

On the other hand, it’s weird that the movie is promoting that the only way the two brothers can bond is over a gun, which I imagine would leave the NRA salivating over the concept of a movie depicting the premise of how the only way to stop bad guys with a gun is two brothers with a really big laser gun.

You can look for KIN to hit theaters on August 31st later this summer.