King Of Fighters XIV DLC Pack 2 With Free Stage Now Available For PS4, PC Gamers

King of Fighters XIV DLC Pack 2

SNK Corporation announced that the second DLC pack for King of Fighters XIV is currently available for the Steam version of the game on PC and for the PlayStation 4 version of the fighting game.

The DLC pack contains four playable characters, including the card-fighting, suit-wearing slasher, Oswald. There’s also the NEST-hunting expert, Heidern, who joins his other team of Ikari Warriors consisting of Leona Heidern, Ralph, and Clark. Terry’s friend and one of the classic Fatal Fury characters, Blue Mary, is also joining the roster as a familiar face.

The fourth character is the winner of a character contest held in Saudi Arabia, so obviously the character is a Muslim-inspired character, dark-skinned who wears a hijab. Obviously she’s not going to appeal to the more nationalistic flavors of America, and will likely not be very popular among the patriotic groups of gamers.

You can see all four characters in action with the DLC launch trailer below.

I actually think that Oswald is probably the best designed character from the four new characters. I was n’t the biggest fan of Oswald but did used to try playing him back in the earlier games. Here he looks very efficient and well rounded for throwing other fighters off their game.

Heidern is still standard as ever, along with Blue Mary, who had a slight alteration made to her outfit where she’s now wearing white sneakers instead of brown boots.

Najd is the only new character in the group, but she has very similar powers to Lin and Duolin, but with obvious Muslim influences. According to the original creator, she’s supposed to be a Muslim crime fighter.

All four characters are currently available right now for both the PS4 and PC versions of King of Fighters XIV, bringing the total roster count to 58.

As a free bonus to players who decide to skip on the DLC, there’s a free DLC stage that has been added to the game, along with a number of balance patches. You can learn more about the four new characters and the other DLC for King of Fighters XIV by visiting the official website.

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