Longboard Stunts And Tricks Is A Throwback To Classic ESPN Extreme Games
Longboard Stunts and Tricks

Coffee-Powered Games’ Longboard: Stunts and Tricks is a throwback to the classic Road Rash on the 3DO, as well as titles like ESPN Extreme Games on ther PSX.

The low-poly racing title is exactly what the name infers: a downhill racing game on longboards where you perform stunts and beat the crap out of your opponents.

The The game features three different racing game modes, including time attack, sprint race, and eliminator. In the race against time you’re tasked with covering a certain distance over a certain period of time, where-as a sprint race is about driving as fast as possible to overtake your rivals and reach the finish line. The eliminator race is about crossing checkpoints and eliminating whoever is in last place after each checkpoint until there’s only one person remaining.

The game is themed around downhill mountain tracks where you’ll attempt to level up your abilities from an amateur longboarder into a professional skater. You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

Now I know what you’re thinking “This looks like an awful game from 1997!” and you’re right! It does look like a game from 1997. But I think that’s part of the beauty of its design. It has an old-school throwback look and feel to it where players are reminded of classics like Skitchin’ and Road Rash, back when EA used to make good games.

The full version of Longboard: Stunts and Tricks features four different boards, as well as a multitude of weapons to use against foes. The fighting looks kind of silly, but it’s cool that they added it. Again, if you enjoy ESPN Extreme Games you’ll probably find yourself right at home with this title. If you forgot about the PSX classic, YouTuber Johnny Handsome has a video to remind you of what it was like.

You can pick up a digital copy of Longboard: Stunts and Tricks from the Steam store page, where it’s available for only $4.99. The game is also 30% off during the first week, so it’s only $3.49.


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