Max Carnage Takes to Hazardous Space, Early Access

And while you’re still contemplating what could possibly go wrong within the confines of a giant dome in the middle of the desert, Hazardous Space is a reminder that things continue to go dwindle in space no matter how many years into the future.

But where Encased promises to cushion you within the company of a research team, Hazardous Space is more John McClane; roughly a 100-odd years into the future where a routine delivery to the ISS Wanderer turns one Max Carnage into unwilling hero.

Hazardous Space Teaser

We intend to make your day even better! Because we prepared the first teaser for you🤯Welcome to our Universe and enjoy it!Glad to feedback😉#teaser #hazardousspace #gamedev #indiedev #video #space

Posted by Hazardous Space on Friday, December 8, 2017

It seems that Max isn’t too pleased with the fact that his hosts have a newfound appetite for human flesh and thankfully, with a space marine skill-set to rely on, he’s out to piece the puzzle in two-dimensional fashion.

The trailer can slightly mislead in causing one to casually presume that ‘platforms’ and ‘roguelike’ calls for more frenetic action. In which regard it might seem fair to argue that the zombies don’t seem to be doing very much.

In its defense Hazardous Space’s emphasis is turn-based and this is illustrated in the glimpses of its user interface/statistics offered between grunts, explosions, flamethrowers and glances of the machete.

With this Coffee Cat Games intends on keeping players intuitively connected to the Wanderer, with Max’s health on the left, an energy scale on the right, and plenty of room for the likes of abilities/inventory items/quest journals in between.

These in turn reveal that Max will be powered by an armored of his own, as most futuristic mercenaries are, that you will be tasked with crafting items/accessories for said armor, and that death will be permanent over play-throughs of randomly generated levels.

volumetric light

We almost finished the new volumetric light and wanna show you #screenshotsaturday. Do you feel the difference? #indiedev #gamedev #indiegames #IndieGameDev #hazardousspace #coffeecatgames #showcase #roguelike #unity #madewithunity #steam

Posted by Hazardous Space on Saturday, March 10, 2018

No safe zones, friendly NPC’s or anything of that sort even.

That said, the team does admit that the game is in need of more ‘dangerous’ enemy behavior, visual effects, fleshed-out quests, multiplayer and multiple endings which it hopes to put into effect during the course of its Early Access period set to commence shortly.

An Indiegogo has been planned as well but really, will you be watching this one improve?


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