Max&Maya: Cat Simulator Heads To Kickstarter
Max and Maya

OMG Studios recently unveiled the Kickstarter for the sandbox, action-adventure game, Max&Maya: Cat Simulator. The Russian-made title is currently seeking $75,000 on Kickstarter over the course of the next 44 days. They’ve managed about $400 so far.

The game is a little bit like Goat Simulator meets Fallout. You can acquire items, equip your cat with gear, battle zombies, kill dogs, pester humans, and pee on stuff. No, really.

The pitch trailer is a collage of various gameplay gimmicks that players will be able to exploit across the sandbox. You can check it out below.

It’s impossible to tell exactly what the gist is of the game based on the trailer above, which is mostly just a compilation of unrelated events tossed together to give viewers something entertaining to sink their teeth into, but over on the Kickstarter page they reveal that the objective is to reunite the cat family.

Along the way you’ll need to take care of the kittens in the Kitty Fort, engaging in simulation style gameplay. You’ll also need to defeat the dogs, flirt with a cheetah, defeat rats, and kill zombies… because why not?

You’ll be able to upgrade and master cat-fu as your main melee combat mechanic in the game, as well as utilize stealth tactics to take down unsuspecting foes.

Much like Postal 2, there are also piss-attacks that you can use to spray cat piss in the face of enemies.

Magic attacks are also present, including bubble shields, lightning strikes and flaming projectiles.

full customization suite is also included in Max&Maya, as demonstrated below.

I don’t know if this is the kind of game that will really win people over, but if you were interested in something completely off the cuff and over-the-top, you can learn more about Max&Maya by visiting the Kickstarter page. If the game is successfully Kickstarted, there are plans to have the beta ready by January, 2019, next year. The Steam page appears to be a little outdated on that front but maybe they’ll update it soon.


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